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Episode #36: A Conversation with Scott Medlin - Changing the Narrative for Law Enforcement Well Being

November 17, 2022

Welcome to Episode 36 of the Guns and Yoga Podcast.  Today I share a conversation I had with Scott Medlin, a US Marine veteran and law enforcement veteran.  Scott discusses his difficult decision to leave full time law enforcement in 2020 to save his family.  His overidentification with the job led him to work part time jobs when he didn’t even need the cash. It was at that time, Scott began his journey to inspire and encourage police officers to focus on their personal wellbeing in order to better survive the career and better serve the public.  Scott discusses his struggles with PTS, addiction, and depression and how an observation by his parents after returning from Iraq prompted him to get help.  He discusses NLP therapy which he credits as a big part in his healing. Scott is also a podcast host, author, speaker, and trainer, so check out the link in the shownotes for more information. 

I spoke with Scott a while back, and I am glad to finally be able to share it.  Full disclosure, between full time work obligations and family, and my coaching and retreat business, the podcast has had to take a back seat these past few months, which has been tough.  I recently read something that really hit home – You can do anything, but you cant’ do everything.  Ok, Universe.  I hear you.  I have a passion which I realize is my purpose, or as the yogis call it – Dharma, and it’s been the overarching theme in everything I do  - to serve others by sharing the tools of holistic wellness  -  the avenues in which that happens are varied – my FT work as a wellness coordinator, a health coach, yoga instructor, podcast host, content creator, and speaker.  I am working to streamline my side-hustles, but this podcast isn’t going anywhere - because serving the first responders is where my heart lies.  In fact, I am more convinced than ever that a framework of support, connection, resources, and education is imperative in this culture.  This work can be tough at times, there are still many who don’t buy in, but I see evidence practically every day whether it’s people I know personally or through teaching, coaching, or podcasting that we are better together and that it’s never too late.  We have some great ideas brewing so stay tuned for more.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Scott.  He has so much to offer.  He writes and teaches about topics such as getting through the police Academy, a holistic approach to well-being, mental health, the warrior socialization of police officers, team work, and more.


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