The Guns & Yoga Podcast

Episode #28: The Next Chapter - with retired States Attorney and Yogi, Patricia Froehlich.

March 2, 2022

Welcome to Episode #28 of the Guns and Yoga Podcast.  Today I am speaking with retired States Attorney Trish Froehlich.   

I met Trish and her husband this summer at a yoga training in Wichita.  We instantly connected and I knew I wanted to have her on the show.  First Responder wellness must include our colleagues in the Prosecutors Office; and not just the prosecutors but court clerks, evidence clerks, and those who work with the victims and witnesses.  Trish talks about her career as a prosecutor, her exposure to secondary trauma, and what retirement has been like.

Trish has been practicing yoga since 2008 and discusses how it helped her regulate her nervous system throughout her career.  She became a certified yoga teacher after she retired and shares with us how her husband, a retired cop, decided to join her during her teacher training.   

Not only are they living their best life in retirement, practicing and teaching yoga, but they get to share it with each other. 

We discuss how nervous system activation impacts health, weight, and mental well-being.  She originally started practicing yoga as a means to control her asthma symptoms, and is now committed to teaching others of its life changing benefits. 

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