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Episode #25: Morgan Farms Mash-Up

December 28, 2021

Today we are doing something new- at the end of 2021, we got the opportunity to visit Morgan Farms, a newly formed non-profit located in Wellsville, KS.  My husband and I drove there on an unseasonably warm day in early December.  Jason Klepac, the founder, and owner, was hosting an open house and invited the Guns and Yoga Podcast for a tour and opportunity to speak with some of the first responders in attendance.  As our two-and-a-half-hour drive came to an end, and we got closer to Morgan Farms, I started to feel more at ease. Less cars, more space, less people more trees, less noise more quiet. 

When we arrived, the tour was just starting; about 20 area first responders came from different parts of Kansas to learn more.  Jason is a former first responder and military veteran.  He and his wife, Shannon, have opened their home and their hearts, in service of those who serve.  Jason and Shannon have created something unique; a working farm on 40 acres.

So, what is Morgan Farms?

It is an opportunity to experience the beauty, peace, and calm.  Jason has created something really special.  We will talk with him and his wife in next week’s episode, but for him, it’s all about the people; the first responders and taking care of them in a unique way.  Not doing anything per se, but providing them the space, the environment to just be.

Today, you will hear a mash up, or a series of short interviews with several first responders we did on location; Dawn Deterding, Jamie Davis, and Roxy VanGundy, who have a combined near 70 years of experience under the headset as dispatchers.  These ladies came from different parts of the state to visit Morgan Farms and speak with us today.  They all work for different agencies across the state, KC MO PD, Lee Summit Fire, and Lyon County.  They are committed to supporting their peers and work with agencies such as NENA National emergency number association and MARC the Mid America Regional Council to improve services and resources to dispatchers and other first responders.

You will hear from them how valuable they feel Morgan Farms will be as a resource for their people.

I also spoke with Lt. Dan Davis Belton PD and Matt Kelly, Captain Miami County Sheriff they are co-chairs for command level peer support with MARC.

In these conversations you will hear about critical incidents, the impact of secondary trauma and the role that peer support can play in supporting dispatchers, law enforcement and all first responders.

If you want increased feelings of calmness, need a change of scenery, want to increase endorphin levels, recharge, be less irritable, and possible reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone association with excessive nervous system activation, then you should check our Morgan Farms.

Next week when we hear from Jason and Shannon, we will discuss future plans for Morgan Farms, future programs, etc. The intuitive nature of horses and how they can help us understand more about ourselves and how we communicate with others.


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