The Guns & Yoga Podcast

Episode #32: No Price for Peace – Christopher Davis

July 19, 2022

Christopher Davis is a retired Assistant Chief from the Fayetteville NC PD and served as an Officer in the Army.  He served in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  He is an adjunct professor and a trained yoga instructor who through his business, YOGA911, teaches the tools of yoga and mindfulness to first responders

I had the opportunity to meet Chris earlier this year at the National FOP Wellness Conference and we instantly clicked.  He is the prime example of why the the tools of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are a perfect fit for the manliest of cops. Chris openly discusses how yoga played a part during one of the lowest parts of his life where he contemplated suicide. 

We discuss how the an invite to a yoga challenge by a co-worker sparked his love for the practice.  There is no “right way” to healing and wellness.  Chris shares how he navigated this difficult time through  yoga, EMDR, peer support, rx, and intentional positive stressors.

Chris tells us about his first experience with EMDR therapy and how the incident that was most bothersome to him had nothing to do with a recent shooting he had been involved with, but organizational stress.  This is a topic I covered previously in an episode with Dr. Stephanie Conn.

The last few minutes of our episode had some technical difficulties, so it is unable to be aired.  CHirs and I wrap up our conversation with him sharing all the ways you can reach him which are included in the show notes.

You can find Chris at:

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