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Episode #19: Dr. Jennifer Prohaska – KC area Police Psyhcologist with Insight Public Safety

August 18, 2021

Dr. Jennifer Prohaska, PhD, has a postdoctoral fellowship in Neurorehabilitation Psychology and received a Bachelor of Arts, Master’s Degree and a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Kansas.
Dr. Prohaska has spent nearly two decades focused on the needs of those on the front lines.  Her passion is to help those who help others by providing the critical tools needed to navigate the stressors they experience on a daily basis.  

She has conducted extensive research on: Prevention of PTSD in First Responders; Effective Treatment Modalities for First Responders; Building Resiliency in First Responders; Modification of Empirically Supported Treatments for First Responders; New Hire Selection of Police Officers; Depression, specifically biological factors; Childhood Trauma and Resiliency

From her website:

“For first responders—the firefighters, police officers, military personnel, emergency dispatchers, EMTs and others who keep us safe—work can mean close encounters with danger, chaos and tragedy, sometimes on a daily basis.  Over time, exposure to such stress can take a toll on first responders’ mental and physical health.  I’ve dedicated my professional life to help these heroes navigate the treacherous waters they encounter every day…because they deserve it.”


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